Monday, May 28, 2007

Burnhamthorpe CC practice in Mississauga!

"Yo! what up? I got news for reading
Reach Burnhamthorpe Community Centre on Monday evenings/
5:30 to 7:30, just one street east of dixie,
One block south off - Burnhamthorpe RD "E"/

You probably know where it is, cause of your neighbour-hood!
Pay 2 bucks at the front desk, only then you could/
Rock a wrist stamp allowing you up into,
Sauga's #1 spot to dance, rock & bust-a-move/

Following music with your ear and hear, through the air,
Originating from within a room where/
You can feel real flava viberations.
Each one, can teach one... you gotta practice with patience/

So reach, create and have fun...
Welcome to the B-Boy Cultures safe haven.
Hosted by the Ground Illusionz!"

Peace from Frostimus Prime