Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ground Illusionz @ Anime North

This Saturday, Ground Illusionz taught the first B-boy workshop at Anime North. The class took place at the Doubletree hotel at Dixon & Martin Grove. The attendees were eager, and caught on to the basics quickly. Next year we hope to do two classes which will again be open to anyone attending the conference.

We were happy to see everyone at the Saturday afterparty who came out and danced from across the GTA. If you are interested in enrolling in B-boy dance classes or private lessons, or if you need dancers for an event or shoot please contact me at groundillusionz@gmail.com.

Anyone with photos of us from the Anime North lesson or party, please send them to our e-mail.


Some photos here: (1) (2)
Thank you to JaMmCat & Nancy for the pics!