Tuesday, November 9, 1999


Over the past 10 years, the Ground illusionz crew have performed over 250 showcases presentations, below are some of their most memorable performances. GI have displayed skill, character and creativity: from choreographed grand openings for square one Mississauga, College showcases at Ryerson, Sheridan and Senica, varied party Functions and Fundraisers like the Hersery 24 hour spin, Gulu Walk, Festivals such as the bread & honey, Darknights Word project, Manifesto, Beating Heart, or the International childrens fest. Freestyle or battle format in Concert appearances or as special guests for local and international artists like: Oscar Peterson, DJ Kool Herc, Melle Mel & the Furious Five, Nas, Bad Boy Bill, Masia One, Choclair, Kardinal Official, Tom Juhas, Ultramagnus & Maestro Fresh Wes.

Finale of "Blueprint EFX " @ Comfort Zone (2000) 

Square One: City-side Grand Opening (2001) 

MYAC performance for Hazel McCallion (2001-2003) 

Canada Day, Mississauga, Civic Centre (2001-2004,08) 

"416" Graffiti Expo Representation (2000-2005) 

HYPE 2" (Helping Young People Excel) (2002) 

"International Children's Festival: Mississauga"  (2002-2004) 

"Bread & Honey" Festival Mississauga (2002/08) 

"Battle of the Bands" @ Opera House with Aquestic Funk (2002) 

"Psi-Dream" @ Element Bar, (2003) 

"In Divine Style" @ Gypsy Co-Op (2003)  GI/Shebang

Ryerson "U.U.U festival" (2003) 

"International Dance Hall Queen: Jamaican T.V."@ Ephiphany(2003) 

"Darknights" B-Boy Performance (2003) 

Sheridan Collage: Frosh week (2004) 

"24 Hour Spin" @ Hershey Centre (2004) 

TUMF: "Nas" concert (T.O. freestyle set) (2004) 

The Word Project Art festival (2004) Co-Ordinator/performers

Masia One, Ontario Tour (2004) 

"Kidsummer" CBC building (2005)  Frost/Shebang

Beatstreet!, Showcase/battle Open for Melle Mel & Furious 5 (2005) 

"Carrasauga" World festival - US, pavilion (freestyle) (2005) 

The Village Street Beat Festival, collingwod (2005-2007) 

"OUCH" Hip-Hop competition waterloo,Guest Performer with SNC (2006) 

Aritzia Street-Team (2006) Street Performer

"Youth Can Move The World" symposium Workshop feat DJ 730 (2006)

"AIDS Awareness" @ Gladstone Hotel (2006) 

Pedestrian sundays kensingtion market with Ainike( 2006) 

"Beating Heart Festival" @ Civic Centre, Miss. with Ultramagnus (2006) 

"World Partnership Walk" @ Metro Hall, T.O. (2006) 

Senica Collage: Year end SAC performance (2006) 

1st annual "Battle of the bands"@ Living Arts Center, 9 solo performances(2007) 

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Jonovision: Choclair / kardinal/ Solitair "let's Ride" (1999) 

CBC Interview / Playdium Tournament (2001) Interviewed breaker 

Electric Circus/Wonderland: Much-Music (2002) Breaker/Performer 

Urban Groove: BMP T.V. battle highlights(2002) Breaker/Dancer 

Element 5/ Two seasons for CTS (2001-2002) Breaker/Dancer 

Video: "Halfway Through the City" Masia One (2003) Breaker/Freestyler 

"international Dance Hall Queen, broadcast GI show (J.A. Tv (2003)

MUCH Breaks: Much-Music battle winners! (2003-2004) 

Video: "Split Second Time" Masia One (2004) Breaker/Freestyler 

"Say Something" Talent Showcase (2004) Choreographer/performer 

Popping demonstration "Space T.V" (2004) 

"Fairchild Chinese T.V international", Broadcast GI show (2004) 

The History of Hip-Hop: Artword Theatre with M.E.C. (2005) 

Video: "For the Kids": LMS " (2005) freestyle

MTV Canada/ DJ Kool Herc Intro (2006) battler

Video: "Transcontinental Hustle": JSN (2006) Breaker/Freestyler 

Video: "Simple Ether": The monument works (2006) Breaker/choreo 

Omni T.V Portuguese news, 5 min showcase Interviewed (2006)

Electric Circus Holiday Show (ProDancer edition 2006) performer 

"Land of OZ" : Children's Presentation (2006) Choreographer 

Video: "Dial Tone": Deatona(2007) Breaker/freestyler 

Global 1 hr special "Arctic Hip-Hop" Frost with BPFL (2007) interview

"Talent Defined" for CDC (2005-2008) Choreographer/Performer 


Back 2 Da Underground Crew Battles
(1999-2004) 1st Place X 9, Toronto

Bring Da Rukus B-Boy battle, 3 on 3 (2000) 1st place, Toronto

Back 2 Da Underground popping battle 1 on 1 (2001) 1st place, Toronto

Sheridan 1 on 1 Battle
(2001) 1st Place, Oakville

"B-Droid" @ University of Western:
(2002) 1st Place, London

Break & Enter: Winter battle (2002) 2nd Place, Toronto

Mississauga Arts Awards: Emerging-Performer finalist(2003)  Mississauga

"Breakin New Ground"@ McMaster University:
(2003) 1st Place, Hamilton

"Pop, Lock & Load" @
Harbour-Front centre (2005) 2nd Place, Toronto

Darknights Nationals Car-Show Battle (2002-2003) 2nd Place, Toronto

Ground FX battle- (2004-05) 1st placeX2, Waterloo

Sprite Remix Battle @ CNE (2005) 2nd Place, Toronto

"TUMF" Crew Battle featuring "smoke squad" (2006) 1st Place, Toronto

"Cypher North"-CFM 23rd anniversary (2006) Semi-Finals, Ottawa.

Style In Progress, Hip-Hop Expo (2006) Top 8, Toronto

1st Annual King of the Ring Cdn 1 on 1
(2005) top 32 (CAN) Toronto 

Top Dog International Crew battles
(2006) Top 16 Los Angeles

Urban Renewal, B-Boy battle 3 on 3 (2006) 1st place, willie ways/CT, Mississauga

SYRC, B-Boy battle 1 on 1 (2007/2008) 1st X 2, scarbrough

"Cypher North"-CFM 24th anniversary (2007) 2nd place finalist , Ottawa

Funk For Yo Feet, Canadian Popping competition 2 on 2 (2007) 1st place, Toronto

SNC anniversary: Toronto style battle 1 on 1 (2008)  1st Place & 2nd place, Toronto

GI @ Rivergrove CC. B-Boy battle, 1 on 1 (2008) 1st place, Mississauga
Legendary Unsung battle part TWO  2 on 2 (2008) 2nd place finalist, Toronto

GI @ Rivergrove CC. B-Boy battle 2 on 2 (2008) 1st place, Mississauga

Happy Kingdom B-Boy Competition, Crew battle (2008) international guests, GI + FAM,  Shenzhen, China 

Legendary Unsung Battle part THREE 2 on 2 (2008) 2nd place finalist, Toronto

Journey back to the essence: national cypher battle 1 on 1 (2008) 1st place, Ottawa

Fit for Fame:B-Boy crew champions of Toronto, 5 on 5 (2008) 1st place, Toronto

Rukus in the forgotten borough: 2 on 2 (2008) Top 4 of 24, Staten Island, NYC


"Urban Renewal" (2006) Crew battle judge Mississauga. ON

U of T "Rival Schools" (2005-2006) Host / Crew Judge Toronto, ON

The Word Project art fest (2004) Host/performer Mississauga, ON

"The Sauga Continues" (2004) Crew battle Judge Mississauga, ON

"Break and Enter" (2001&2003) Crew battle Judge Toronto, ON

"Back 2 Da Underground" (2003) Crew battle judge Toronto, ON


City Dance Corps Est. (2005-present) Dance Instructor CityDanceCorps.com

World Youth Symposium presentation (2006) Seminar/facilitation City of Mississauga

St. Vincent de Paul, Two week art program (2005) Art/Dance facilitator City of Mississauga

High School Demos: Miss./T.O (Various 2001-2006) Dance Instructor City of Miss/Toronto

Mississauga Arts Unit Cityhall (2003) Dance Instructor City of Mississauga

L.A.M.P Community Centre (2005) Workshop presentation City of Toronto

"EY-TECH" Hip-Hop Program (2004) Program Developer City of Mississauga
(Empowering Youth-Through Educating Conscious Hip-Hop)

Beaches Recreation Centre (2005-present) Dance Instructor City of Toronto

Blue Print for Life, Workshops in the arctic (2007-present) Instructor/member

Mississauga Valleys Community Centre:Classes (2004-2008), Mississauga

Burnhamthorpe Community centre: public session & class (2005-present) mississauga

Rivergrove Community Centre: public session (2007-present)  mississauga

South Common Community centre: Public session (2008-present) mississauga

Collingwood public Library workshop & performance (2008) Collingwood

St. Joseph Catholic Secondary school: school class (2008-present) Mississauga 

Jade's Hip-Hop academy (2008-present) Brampton