Monday, May 21, 2007

Enter Ground Illusionz

Welcome to the first Blog Spot of the Infamous Ground Illusionz Crew. This site is a revival of public information in relation to these local legends of Mississauga. GI has been the 905's Prime B-Boy/FunkStyle representatives since being established in 1999. GI attained an Artist Award for "Best Emerging Artist Group" from the Mississauga Arts Council for the accomplishments within the Toronto underground Hip-Hop scene.

In 2004 the Ground illusionz crew underwent a Hiatus from public performances, due to its members further pursuit of education, independent projects, spiritual journeys and retirement. Continued representation through community development projects and workshops headed by "Frost Flow" have been implemented and continually supported by the City of Mississauga. Today the Ground Illusionz Have returned united with a new generation! We want you updated on our future work.

Visit back soon for updates on future shows for the summer of 2007!

Thanks for visiting & have a Great Day!