Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Social Justice through Arts & Culture" Award

On Saturday February 21st, 2009
A landmark day at the "Youth can Move the World Symposium"
Marcelino Frost DaCosta & Ground illusionz received the Award for "Social Justice Through arts and culture", which was presented by the one and only, Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel MaCallion! Congratulations to the Ground illusionz crew!

The award created by Sheridan student Kyle Lane represents a high level of acknowledgment towards GI by the City of Mississauga and its Community leaders, as well as an example of inspiration for future generations.  Youth across the GTA can have the confidence to know that a group of youth and young adults expressing themselves through Hip-Hop culture can really make a difference sharing with their community, 
as long as you never give up. 

Along with receiving this important award, the Ground Illusionz also performed a great Saturday morning piece, to liven up the audience of 300 hundred young leadership students and future Mississauga contributors.  This showcase presentation was the event opener to a series of inspirational seminars lead by current Mississauga community leaders, including one popular workshop lead my Marcelino Frost DaCosta & Gi entitled, "Social justice through Hip-Hop".

a special thank you goes out to Louroz Mecader & Valerie Davis for their amazing work & support.