Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frost Awarded "Absolute Canadian B-Boy" for 2008

"Absolute Canadian B-boy"

On Dec 6th 2008, at the Canadian Floor Masters 25th Anniversary celebration, FrostFlow from GI was given the annual "Absolute Canadian B-Boy" award. 

This award is annually distributed at "Cypher North" by the Stephen "Buddha" Leafloor, front man of the Canada's Oldest B-Boy crew the Canadian Floor Masters.

Frost has been recognized for representing in the Canadian scene for 10 years as not only a competitive dancer with winning titles, but more so for his community work and strong dedication in passing on knowledge. During the award introduction, Buddha had credited Frost with the rebuilding of the Ground illusionz crew and commitment to "inspiring B-Boys with Passion and Pride as to 'Why we do what we do."

"Cypher North Champion"

At the Same event, Frost also became Champion of the 3 on 3 Crew battle!  The battle was won as "1ne Unit Blue Print",  alongside his comrades representing:  GI & MEC union (1ne Unit Tribe), Conscious Soles Collective, Unity & BluePrintForLife.

Congratulations FrostFlow!