Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Larry Dee- New Gen/B-Boy/Councilman

Larry Dee:: Larry Duong

Larry Dee has been b-boying since the age of fifthteen starting in 2000. At the age of seventeen Larry wanted to see more of a competitive scene which was more apparent in the Toronto area and apply it to his native city Mississauga. He took initiative by working along side YMCA’s YLC (Youth Leadership Committee) program and launched his first successful “The Sauga Continues” event which recognized MISS and surrounding area as a thriving healthy b-boying scene, he later followed up with another two events. He continued his event planning experience in Toronto with a promotion company called BASSIS with

Che Kothari (, Ryan Patterson and with such events like “We Want the Funk” series held inside Elmocambo.

At the age of twenty two most of his b-boying career as been solo and had its ups and downs. Larry is now an alumnus from Sheridan Institute from the Human Resources Management program and currently works as the President of Sheridan Student Union Incorporated  

He now has more time to dedicate to dancing. He hopes to utilize his skills of being a student leader and incorporate it with Ground Illusionz and advocate success by applying his knowledge and networks.