Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ground illusionz 5 on 5 fit for fame champions!

 the champions of Fit for FAME 2! pro competition July 15th

Battle Style: BATTLE LINE

This brand new concept had never been seen before! Five dancers were put against another team of five, and each member battled head to head. There was a catch. Each team had to choose the order in which they would battle, and creating a line for strategic reasons.

Every round that went by (a round being one dancer followed by a response from another dancer), the judges chose the victor of each round. The loser is out, and must leave the battle, leaving his team with only four remaining members. This continues until one team is out of members and the other team declared the winner.

The Ground illusionz team consisted of:  FRESH FX, WAYS, DUSTONE, iLLZ & TWELVE

Congrats!  for showing the individual talent and crew battle tactics that was displayed