Monday, January 1, 2001

Frostmus Prime - Marcelino DaCosta

Frostimus Prime :: Marcelino DaCosta

Frost-Flow: "The accumulation of sheeted ice or snow crystals forming on cold surfaces, as infinite shapes and patterns"

To better understand the definition of a "Frost-Flow" through equation, combine 1 uniquely intense dance style bred in Toronto's underground Hip-Hop scene since 1999. Mixed together with countless comprehensive teaching methods that have been in the works for over 4 years instructing for youth in the City of Mississauga. Not to mention 10 years of experience, competing and performing with his "Ground Illusionz Crew", one of the most dynamic B-Boy crews in GTA history.

Holding a record of 14 underground group
championships with GI in Ontario, while being judged by local and international legends in the Hip-Hop community. Over 250 showcase & workshop performances, a title as the first Hip-Hop group to ever receive a Mississauga Artist Award in 2003 and a variety of successful collaborations with affiliates such as the "M1 Academy", the "Funk Fanatics", "Last of a Dying Breed" & White Label Enthusiasts.

As a sum result, you have "Marcelino DaCosta", an advocate for Hip-Hop culture as a multi-facetted artist with credit through his craft and collaborations, but also as a community worker involved with grass-roots community artist development programs, like "The Word Project" annual art festival, the development of "EY-TECH", Mississauga's first ever Hip-Hop education curriculum and work with the revolutionary social work through Hip-Hip program

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