Monday, July 1, 2002

Fate - New Gen/ B-Boy/Visuals

Michael Brobbey a.k.a. B-Boy Fate

The B-Boy taking control of his..

The meaning of Fate” refers to the inevitability of a course of events as supposedly predetermined by a higher power or other agency beyond human control.

Basically Fate controls the
events in life before they happen. However, I started breaking '06 not knowing anything about dance. With no rhythm, or moves it was hard to picture Michael doing any type of dance, you could say I had two left feet. Although ever since I’ve been practicing, performing, and learning from other people, I’ve only understood the culture of hip hop even more and I have really grown to be a dancer and visual artist. I’d really like to give thanks to Frost, Dust, Fresh and all of G.I. for making me who I am today. So thanks for visiting, Peace and One Love,

Ground Illusionz New Gen
B-Boy and Artist

Note* highlight includes footage from: "Frost Flow OMNI 4 news reel"