Friday, February 1, 2002

MadMatt.D - Half member/B-boy/Emcee

Matthew De Filippis
A.K.A. Matt.D, Mad Matt, Wolverine, De-ism, 

Matt.D first started bboying in a field during recess in grade 8. In St. Joseph's high school he had tonnes of crazy bboy influences to show him what a dope style looked like. A small example of the depth of bboy culture in Mississauga. In the last year of high school is when Matt.D started to take bboying seriously. Aside from the legendary Ground Illusionz crew, Matt.D is also a member of Janitors crew. His goals for the future include becoming an even doper bboy than he is now, travelling, and pursuing a career as a teacher. Currently Matt.D attends the University of Toronto and will be graduating with a specialist in the Digital Enterprise Managment program.