Thursday, November 1, 2001

Spookyumi - New Gen/B-Girl

Spookyumi :: Yumi Escobal

“I’ve always loved dancing. When I was a kid, I remember I would dance around the house and freestyle ballet to Disney songs haha. I never would have expected myself to transition from ballerina to bgirl...but when I went to my first bboy class, taught by Ground Illusionz, I fell in love with it. Dancing has taught me so many things about myself and has given me so many opportunities to grow as a person and pitch in for the community. I’m so grateful for my crew (GI, Definity, wLe, Rock 4 Christ), my family, and all the bboys and bgirls in the city and worldwide who have inspired me and continue to inspire me… Big thanks to God, my main inspiration.”

- Spookyumi

*stay true to your heart and the things you believe in.