Thursday, March 1, 2001

Fresh-FX - Co founder/B-Boy/Jockey

Jerome Villa :: Fresh FX

Freshfx: Fresh (Original/Dope) fx(steps/moves/transitions)
Jerome Villa
First seen breakin:
Saw my buddy F.T. pull a combo: tops, footwork, one swipe to an airfreeze.
Some Influences: 
Frost and Ground Illusionz, Gizmo, Dyzee, Puzzles, Megas, Tango, Tintin, Crazy Smooth
EZ Rock, Remind, Ducky, KMel, Poe One, Free
Fresh and (pre)Gi:
My buddy F.T. showed me some basics of breakin (variation of an indian step, 4-5 step, a stabbing freeze) and I just fell in love with it and kept on. In high school I met Jason who helped me with some techniques to improve on power moves, also my brother showed me a tape of Dyzee (who went to the same high school) and I felt the responsibility to pass on the bboy legacy in my high school.

Around the fall of 1998 I was looking for a crew to get down with. The main crew who repped Sauga at this time was Shadow-Mystics but they werent interested in adding a new member, but a group of underdogs (Overload Manuevers) was growing and looking for raw talent =), Paolo introduced me to Knucklez/Swift (Takashi) to set up a Saturday to have a session. In the following weeks, I met the members of Overload: Knuclez/Swift (Takashi), Frost (Marcelino), Crash (Charles), Hausen, and Polo (Paolo) and I became the newest member of Overload Manuevers.    

Present and the Future:
Dedicated to the development of the crew and to having a positive influence in the community. 
Exploring the funk styles (popping and locking) to grow as a dancer. 
Also... to create fresh moves and concepts to roast the opponent in battles. 
Outside of bboyin:
Interests: Riding horses, 360, Locking and Popping